These compiled images are indicative of the growing potential for interference with freedom of thought, feeling and expression. Click on the viewing pane to pause any sideshow. Alternatively, use the side arrows to cycle through each gallery. Order of the slides as displayed is random.

In the beginning was the tube …


Contains 100+ images. Devices and modalities that highlight the diversity of available methods for deliberate alteration of mind, mood and behavior.

10Hz Wi-Fi beacon


Contains 90+ images. Note that abstracts or complete copies of included titles can often be found by searching key words of the relevant title followed by “pdf”. Apart from an enduring fascination with certain themes of research, one inference to be drawn is the probable existence of far more significant discoveries kept secret for “security” reasons.


Contains 30+ images. To view or download full copies of any patent, simply copy and paste its number into your browser search bar. In addition to the slideshow, the following PDF contains for further investigation an extensive list over 100 similar Mind Control Patents.

Neuro-entrainment via TV electrostatic emissions – US Patent 6,506,148 B2

“Mr Beck told his Conference audience that in the early days of ELF wave research he found 182 references to the effects of ELF electrostatic and electromagnetic fields on human performance, moods, etc, but later when he sent one of his students to the bio-medical library of the University of California at Los Angeles to look up some of these references, the student found that many had been sliced out of the text with a razor blade“.