This page provides an overview of the wide range of technologies and psychological resources currently available for mind control. Each category displays a series of key words and phrases to assist further inquiry online. A whole page could be written on any one, but time does not permit. However, for corroboration purposes, images, plus scientific and patent titles are available for easy viewing on the Slideshows page.

Artificial Thought

Diffuse implementation of microwave auditory effect – Voice-to-skull – Synthetic telepathy – Simulated mental illness – Re-packaged internal “language” of the brain – Information/false memory implantation – Hacked hearing aids/implants – Neuro-entraining frame rates – Mind-altering data symbols (e.g. telecom 4G, 5G OFDM) – Subliminal reinforcement of consciousness-binding beliefs

Microwave auditory effect hearing system – US Patent 4,877, 027
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Once neuro-electric activity intrinsic to a specific mood or state of mind has been isolated, it can be externally replicated and then implanted within any population through corresponding modulation of existing wireless networks.

Brain regions associated with demodulation of ambient AM and FM signals
Biophysical Analogs

Transmitted electromagnetic disease signatures – Emotive wave shaping – Biochemical behavior precursors – Entraining reinsertion of EEG capture – Neuronal spiking patterns/Lily wave – Triggered seizures (heart attack) – Trigeminal nerve stimulation – Hacking of intra-cellular communication and membrane potentials – Blood coagulation frequencies – TCDS


Industrial neurotoxins (pesticides, heavy metals) – Nanoparticles (exhaust magnetite, atmospheric aerosols) – Bacterial magnetosomes – Ingestible nanoscale machines – Magnetic hydrogel – GM food and additives (sugar, etc.) – Hormone disruptors (plastics, soy products, etc.) – Degraded health/herd immunity – Mass medication (fluoride, statins, lithium) – Socially conditioned epigenetics – Proximity or background electro-pollution

Endogenous nano-magnetites are susceptible to movement by radio waves
Directed Energy

Beam-formed microwaves – Bessel functions – Constructive interference/standing waves – Induced motion (Neel, Brownian) of endogenous ferritin/magnetite – Neutron/gamma beams – Torsion/spinors/ hyperfields – Millimeter wave “pain” rays – Bio-photon mimicking lasers – MASERS – Dynamic pulse detonation (DPD) – Ionospheric ELF generation (HAARP) – Mood-altering weather modification – Targeted over-the-horizon radar – Cognitive warfare

Commercially sold Russian torsion field generator
ELF, Ultrasound

ELF (1-40Hz): Deterministic frequency following – Anti-adaptive signal structures (“jitter”) – Gamma wave suppression – Binaural beats – Hemispheric desynchronization – Infrasonic weapons – Ground wave transmitters – Low-level hum/irritant – Haunting fear frequency – Viscerally triggered instincts (panic, aggression) – Power line modulation (“dirty electricity”) – Interference with natural magneto-reception – Transcranial stimulation (TMS)

“GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance, for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population. The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the United States. Therefore, if one wished to resonate a specific ion in living things in a specific locality, one would require a specific frequency for that location.” – Robert O. Becker, MD

Ultrasound (20KHz+): Acoustic heterodyning (“silent sound”) – Subliminal message carrier – Neurophonic inner ear resonance – Anti-loitering devices (“mosquito”) – Transcranial ultrasound – Electronic memory dissolution (EDOM)

Mental Susceptibility

Conditioned choice and acceptance – Disinformation/censorship – Neuro-marketing – Precognitive cues in media – Bots/deep fakes – Distortion anxiety – Gatekeeping/subversion of instinctual drives – Mass/soft trauma programming – Veiled occultism – Chronic stress/dissonance – Dopamine reward cycle manipulation – Dumbed-down/polarized citizenship – Egregore formation – Consensus reality – Controlled opposition/counterculture – Tolerated/sanctioned tech and substance addiction – Psycho-physical responses – Impaired cognition and attention span (drama) – Isolated nuclear family – Gang stalking – Theocratic guilt/dogma – Cult recruitment/brainwashing tactics

Why are the same “top 10” songs are played repeatedly on commercial radio? In part, because any messaging by other means that subliminally incorporates the same melody or beat structure appears familiar to the subconscious mind and therefore bypasses critical filtering of the mind.


Pulsed light and sound – Multi-sensory/tasking overload – Discordant environmental stimuli – Bouba effect – LRAD acoustic canons – Entraining VDU scan rates – Optogenetics – Audio back-masking – Missing beat reflex – Headphone EM entrainment – Hormone disrupting blue light – Audio pharmacology – Opinion shaping (TV, radio, film) – NLP – Memes, symbols and archetypes – Simulated paranormal/alien events – Optical trap aerial holograms – Immersive virtual reality – Diminished reality – Sensory isolation/disembodiment

Propaganda and censorship are in fact tools of virtual state engineering. Because collective consciousness shapes our reality from the quantum level “downward”, an imposed outcome can only succeed through systematic suppression of any deviation in popular belief or expression.

Stimulated Resonance

Acoustic, mechanical or electromagnetic anatomical wavelengths (eye, skull, heart) – Race-age-sex specificity – Body mass/eigenfrequencies – Stochastic noise amplification – microwave amplified pathogens – DNA/molecular resonance – Intensity-regulated absorption windows – Local cyclotron ion resonance – Re-radiation from nearby metals or bio-implants

Is this a coincidence or a deliberate strategy?
Track, Target

Remote or wearable RFID/biometric acquisition – Wide area body networks (WABN) – High resolution satellites/drones – E-tattoo’s – Eye motion tracking – Facial/voice recognition – Brain scan interpolation of discursive words/images – Internet of bodies (IoB) – Implants neural/nanobots – Smart grid/appliances spying – Speaker back-feeding – Digital currency/credentials – Emotional thermographs/cartography – Sub-vocal micromotion sensing – Molecular scanners – Celldar/Wi-Fi passive radar – Micro dust/dots – Monitored backscatter/phase transformations – Endogenous nanoparticle distribution – Phone/bluetooth geo-location and fencing – IMEI codes and MAC address – Relationship maps – Cohort monitoring – Backdoors/client-side scanning – Predictive algorithms – Social media/internet profiling and “honeypots”

Barrierless thermal imaging. Tracking is the mainstay of authoritarian regimes

Free-to-air TV is uniform across any given reception area. As such, the type of persons likely to be viewing a particular program can be selectively targeted with behavior-modifying transmissions from other sources that coincide in real time with audiovisual content known to evoke an impressionable state.

Wireless Networks

Subliminal encoding of telecom signals – TETRA calcium efflux/mood change – Brain wave entraining modulations (e.g. 10Hz Wi-Fi beacon) – Chronic microwave “sickness” and addiction (dopamine-like) – Impaired cognition/performance – Trance states – Blood brain barrier leakage (neuro-degenerative disease) – Microwave boosted drug delivery – Stimulated microbial/cell changes – Inductively activated contrast agents, nano-particles or implants

Neuro-behavioral symptoms reported by persons living near phone towers

Has an a TV or radio jingle, slogan or urge to buy, ever popped into your head for no apparent reason? When major advertisers purchase air time, they know customer acceptance arises not only from overt messages, but also subliminal pattern recognition of the voice-modulated broadcast signal itself.

Database Access

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“I put this thing in my pocket, and occasionally I set it at a specific frequency that I’m not going to mention, because I’ve been asked not to by the people who can ask other people not to do things. And pretty soon the waitresses would start dropping coffee into the laps of the patrons. The babies would start screaming. People within a 10 or 12 foot radius would begin freaking out. I’d surreptitiously turn this thing to two Hertz higher in frequency, you could hear the room calm down.” – Bob Beck