The methods summarized on this page are offered for consideration according to personal circumstances, and should not to be taken as absolute or blanket solutions. Further inquiry and professional opinion are advised prior to any implementation of same.

Media Outlets

Radio, television and film are rife with propaganda, opinion shaping and psychological exploits. The same applies to mainstream print media which, through complicit legislation, has been consolidated under self-serving corporate entities. One strategy is to limit exposure to all the above, while actively seeking out and supporting alternative sources of recreational and current affairs reportage. Social media is infested with fake accounts for coordinated social engineering. These are now convincingly empathetic and “human-like” due to the rise of artificial intelligence and deep fakes. Regular exposure to these outlets entraps an individual within the collective consciousness of hypnotized and unquestioning believers.

Back to Nature

Technological dependency is contrived to lure humanity away from natural happiness and fulfillment, and then sell it back. It is therefore important to re-establish a baseline of inner wellbeing by which any artificial deviation can be gauged before it becomes a dominant theme in one’s life. Activities such as exercise, healthy eating, earthing, mindfulness meditation and trips away from the vicissitudes of densely populated areas are simple but effective remedies. Check a mobile phone coverage map for ideas. Reach out to other members of your immediate community to re-establish traditional relationships based upon trust and cooperation.


Conventional radio-frequency and millimeter transmissions are easily blocked by nearly any intervening metallic surface area, including foil, fine screen and steel roofing. Graphite/carbon EMF shielding paint may also be purchased to treat any surface. Acoustic waves can be reflected away by hard surfaces or absorbed with dense foam. Avoid wearing metal objects that may absorb or concentrate airborne signals at resonant wavelength. The 10Hz pulse repetition of Wi-Fi is a documented trance-induction frequency, and enabler of motion tracking and passive radar. Convert to cabled ethernet (RJ45) connections where practical, or switch “off” when not in use. Videos below from one researcher are for educational value only.

Normal electric activity within the body can be overwhelmed by external signals


Mobile phones track, map and profile our movement, choices and interpersonal contact. Camera, GPS, motion sensors and microphone can be accessed by the provider at any time, even when switched “off” or in airplane mode. Minimize carry-along or use, avoid apps that collect biometric information and store in a shielded pouch (available online) when a connection is not necessary for essential communication or safety. So-called “degoogled” phones claim not to track or collect personal information.

The same principle of volitional non-participation applies to public surveillance cameras, cashless point-of-sale and other potentially invasive or dehumanizing commercial and bureaucratic interactions. Patronize businesses that do not limit informed free choice, bodily autonomy and privacy. Other data gathering exploits to be aware of include smart appliances, and online activity, particularly social media. Prefer services that do not mandate the use of a mobile phone for user ID.

Smart electricity meters profile your family’s daily behavior

If not consciously resisted, the impending merger of 5G/6G, artificial intelligence, trans-humanism and virtual reality will create a seductive, but inescapable, prison without walls for most of humanity.

“In America, as soon as you are born, you are brainwashed. Starting with your parents, then by religion, then by the public school system and then by government via the news media.” – James Kesterson